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Rock Lake Festival of the Arts

Rock Lake Festival of The Arts is comprised of:

Vocal Festival
Children, youth and some adults bring their vocal talents forward to be adjudicated by a professional music instructor. This is usually a four-day event, and is one of the biggest in Manitoba.

Piano Festival
During this 2-day event, children, youth and some adults play their piano pieces before an adjudicator.

Strings Festival
Similar in structure to the first two festivals, students perform on a variety of stringed instruments.

Choral Festival
Choirs come from all over come to this event to be adjudicated.

Speech Festival
The Festival Committee brings different types of talented artists in to give a variety of speech options for the kids. The Artists come right into the schools and teach the kids poetry, drama, and theatre.

All the festivals are offered in our area. Some take place in Cartwright, some in Crystal City, and some in Pilot Mound. All are within 25 minutes of each other and parents from the three communities volunteer to run this fantastic display of talented youth.

For more information, please contact Jill at 204-873-2313.