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Men's Golf League

The Men's Golf League golf every Wednesday evening of the season beginning at 6 P.M. The first 6 or so games establish a handicap based on the Pilot Mound Golf Course. The league is a "Match Play" with play offs at the end of regular season rounds, which establishes the yearly champs.

Every few evenings of golf, additional interest is added to the rounds with contests such as "Closest to the Pin", Longest Drive or Putt", and others, with small prizes sponsored by local businesses or individuals.

A season windup is held at the Club House, to which spouses or girlfriends are welcome to attend.

During the regular season the Club House also accommodates the League with special meals or steak fries.

The annual fee to join the league (over and above membership fees) is currently $45.00

For more information, please contact Rod Buydens at 204-245-0600.

Women's Golf League

The ladies golf at the Pilot Mound Town & Country Golf Club every Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. This league is considered a fun league, and the annual membership fee of $20.00 is to cover the cost of fun prizes during the season.

Two Ladies Open golf tournaments are held annually; one in July and one in September.

For more information please contact Ruth Loney at 204-825-7692