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The Rock Youth Group

The Rock is a great place for the youth in our communities to hang out with their friends. We meet at the Pilot Mound Fellowship Club every Thursday from 7:30 till 10:00 pm. Anyone from the ages of 12 to 17 are welcome. The Rock is a YFC (Youth For Christ) organization.

For those of you who are unaware about the functions of The Rock, here is a small glance.

We started with a vision, that The Rock be a safe place for teens to find acceptance and assistance through these challenging and sometimes difficult years. Then a building became available for us to rent. And finally, individuals who wanted to give something special to the youth in our area came on board.

So, what do we do there?

Well, we do everything that a typical teen enjoys to do. We play a lot of pool, and a lot of games of donkey. We watch movies, throw the football around, and listen to really loud music. Foosball and air hockey are always popular, as well as playing games on Xbox. During good weather, a game of street hockey or wall-ball gets the youth moving. There are many great table games, but we also compete on the dance pads. The canteen is a busy place to grab some junk food and catch up on what’s new with everyone.

We build relationships here.

The Rock celebrated its first year anniversary on October 26th, 2006 with a Mexican fiesta night. It was a fun evening and we hope the youth will remember it for a long time. About 54 youth came out to play games, eat a lot of pizza, cool down with some ice cream cake, and laugh a lot. Lots of prizes were handed out all evening.

The highlight of the evening was watching some of the youth challenge themselves in a competition of Food Fear Factor. Some of the "scrumptious' appetizers they were required to eat were tacos with refried beans and worms, humas and dried peas, liver, the eyes of a bull, and sardines.

It was again proven that teens will eat anything!

Also, the surprise waiting for them that night was the 42 inch plasma TV, a new addition to our continually growing bank of electronics. Each of the youth received a necklace as a special token from the volunteers at "The Rock". Thanks to all the youth who came out that night.

Nancy Rempel
on behalf of the volunteers at The Rock