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Harborside Farms - Beef, Pork & Poultry Sales

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Owned and operated by Clinton and Pamela Cavers and our three daughters, we have been farming for over 10 years and pride ourselves in raising meat products that we feel safe feeding our own family.

Our products have been certified by the Winnipeg Humane Society. We raise our animals in a safe, spacious environment, usually outdoors, that is both good for the animal as well as the land.

We as a family take a lot of time in making sure all animals are cared for and are raised in the most humane way, in turn we put out a quality meat.

Our farm raises chickens, pork and beef throughout the year. By using Government Inspected Facilities we are able to service customers in Winnipeg and throughout the Province. Appealing to families and maintaining close relationships with our customers is what we feel is our most important focus.

Please Call Clinton Cavers Or Pamela Cavers to discuss purchasing any of our products or if you have any questions about our farm.

Pa-Pa's Poultry Processing Plant

Steve Lundgren, Glenora, Manitoba
Phone: 204-825-2419
Cellular: 204-825-8335

Located 13 miles west of Pilot Mound.
Offering custom kill/clean, weighing, pricing and freezing in modern, clean facilities.

Part-time jobs available in August, September, and October

Swan Lake Abattoire

20 Lorne Ave W/Box 70
Swan Lake, MB R0G 2S0
Phone: 204-836-2467
Fax: 204-836-2199

• Custom slaughtering     • Government inspected     • Custom meat packaging     • Curing     • Sausages