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The Pilot Mound and District Chamber of Commerce evolved from a Board of Trade in the 1920s. Most Chambers of Commerce receive grants from municipal bodies to enable them to carry on their work, as fundraising is not their main mandate. However, the Pilot Mound Chamber of Commerce is unique in that instead of receiving grants, it has created a resource pool during the past 40 years well in excess of a quarter of a million dollars.

This has been accomplished by hosting four smorgasbords each year, two in the spring (the last Sunday in April and the first Sunday in May, and the last Sunday in September and the first Sunday in October). Since 1962, with the men of the Chamber and the community acting as servers and cooks, and with great help from all of the community, these dinners have attracted guests from far and wide each year. The profits from these events have enabled the Chamber to achieve an astounding record in the providing of facilities and services in Pilot Mound and the surrounding community.

With impressive financial and other support, the present Chamber of Commerce is fully behind the construction of the Pilot Mound Millennium Recreation Complex, convinced that this beautiful facility will greatly enhance life for all citizens of this community and for a wide surrounding area.

Other notable achievements include an involvement in getting a weather station situated in Pilot Mound in the 1940s that is still present to this very day and can provide up-to-the-minute weather forecasts.

The Chamber has been financially involved in the Kinsman and Kinette Club with support and upkeep of the Kin Centre, as well as providing financial assistance to the Tivoli Theatre, Pilot Mound Town & Country Golf Club, and race track / fair grounds (now Winram Field). Funding was provided toward the purchase of a house to be used by the community doctor. Local students benefit from Chamber funding as exchange students, to attend conferences in other provinces, as recipients of graduation scholarships, or for music / drama festivals. The Chamber has purchased shares in Fraser Place Office Complex and has financially supported the Pilot Mound Development Corporation, The Pilot Mound Foundation and Mound Estates (16 Housing/Suites).

In the last few years we have developed this website, which has annual hits of over 125,000, and greatly benefits the community by attracting new residents to it. With real estate listings, current community events, seniors' web pages, history of our area, promoting local business and more, seniors or anyone wishing to relocate to a rural community will find a vast amount of information here. The Chamber would be pleased to receive inquiries from anyone interested in establishing a business in Pilot Mound as well as to provide information on other aspects of our community. Please send inquiries to

For most of the 20th century, the Pilot Mound & District Chamber of Commerce has taken its mandate of publicizing and promoting the Town of Pilot Mound seriously and financially supported and promoted every organization in Pilot Mound and District area, and will continue to do so in years to come.


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