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Cooling off at Rock Lake


Letter to the Sentinel Courier Editor, January 2015

Although I am often moved to write and say, "Hey, that was a great issue!" inertia, procrastination and laziness have so far prevented any action. However, having recently returned from a green Christmas in Lower Mainland and Gulf Islands BC, I have to tell you how happy I was to find the December 22nd issue of The Sentinel Courier in my mailbox.

There on the front page were two of my favourite people: Sis McEwen and Santa Claus! What a treat to get GOOD news after the depressing murder and mayhem that dominates most news media. (I don't have cable TV at home, but some of my hosts in BC do.)

How inspiring to read stories such as "Volunteers get Bakery up to Code" and "Alternative Care Unit Receives Major Grants" and Legion Presents Poster and Literary Competition Awards" and "Write, Write, Write" and "Model Your Ugly Christmas Sweater" and "Grade Nines Spread Christmas Cheer."

How delightful to see the many photos that accompanied the stories. I enjoyed the columns from community and organization correspondents. I read all the Christmas greeting ads from local organizations and businesses. What would we do without all these good people working in local businesses, who serve us within walking distance or an easy drive or, if we can't walk or drive, they provide home delivery?

I had a great Christmas holiday with my family and friends on the Pacific coast; they spoiled me rotten. It was warmer than here, but wet. I was very happy to get home to my own house and my faithful dog, Portia.

Relocating to Pilot Mound three years ago was a great move. Peace and civility still prevail in Pilot Mound. Some of those who grew up around here may not realize that this is Paradise. All you have to do is go away for awhile and you ''get it." Many have. Young and old, they return. Like me.

It delights me to see young people go away to get credentials, then return "home" to practise their craft, settle and raise their families, knowing that this is the place to be.

In Pilot Mound, we retirees are lucky to have Prairie View Lodge, a world class facility, to go to when we can no longer manage in our own homes. My grandma, an aunt and an uncle spent their last years there. I expect to do the same.

Best wishes for a healthy, prosperous, and peaceful 2015 to everyone within The Sentinel Courier diaspora.

Yours truly,
Joanne, Pilot Mound


"Very often in the summer time I will sit on my deck and listen to the quiet .. and I think to myself what an amazing respite Pilot Mound is in a world seemingly gone crazy. I wasn't born here .. I am a transplanted urbanite .. and looking back over the past 30 plus years I have lived here, having married and raised a family of four .. I can honestly say I have never regretted my decison to move here from Winnipeg.

This "tiny little town" is certainly not without its challenges as is the case with many rural communities .. but aside from its natural physical beauty with its lovely treelined streets - it is a community its people clearly take pride in. More importantly it bears a uniquness not held by many other places in Manitoba - a creativity supported by a tenacity and stubborness you simply don't see anywhere else ... !

Living in Pilot Mound you are almost fully supported whatever stage of life you might be at .. if you are a young family starting out there are good schools, a miriad of extra curricular activities to choose from in addition to the many typical outdoor activities you may desire to enjoy as a family .. that are literally right outside your backdoor. We enjoy an active social life thanks to a plethora of service groups who work tirelessly to keep our town vibrant and alive! At the other end of the sprectrum, if you are a senior looking for a safe, secure environment for retirement .. which includes housing and shopping within walking distance of "downtown" .. a nursing home and medical services ... a good number of professional businesses and restaurants as well as a thriving elderly social network ... Pilot Mound offers that too !!

It is truly a town for all seasons ...... come try us !!"
Joyce, mom of 4