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Ducks Unlimited Canada

Border Towns Ducks Unlimited is our chapter name in the area servicing the towns of Pilot Mound, Crystal City, Clearwater, Mather, Cartwright, Baldur and Glenora. Our committee is a combination of 20 members from these towns. We meet approximately 4-5 time per year.

The annual banquet is held in mid-April each year and with the funds raised from the raffles and auctions, we help support the conservation of land & wildlife, water protection, and global warming.

The cost of a ticket to the yearly banquet will let you join our chapter and help support our cause. We are always looking for new members to help out .

Our local representatives on Provincial Council are Jack & Ruth Lewis.

For more information about joining or attending the banquet, contact any Ducks Unlimited member in the area, or Kerry Coleman, chairperson at 204-873-2532 or Jack Lewis 204-873-2441.